the future of Conversational AI in Africa.

At Bettro, we belive that natural language and speech will change the way people interact with consumer and enterprise applications by creating more efficient and personalized experiences.

Our Focus.


Developing intelligent chatbots that drive customer engagement in all major messaging platforms

Speech Processing

Building voice-based interfaces that allow people to get more done by their voices.

Semantic Search

Building a technology that will help customers find the right information on the language they speak - ooh! not sql.

Belltro Chatbot

Chatbots are virtual assistants whose task is to interact with internet users in realtime. Chatbots aim at reducing human involvement when providing assitance to customer requests. We develop chatbots to help businesses by automating their customer services and never miss a chance to help their customers.

Belltro Transformer

Language Model (LM) estimates the likelihood of phrases in a sentence. It is one of the most important parts in modern Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Speech Recognition, Machine Translation, Question Answering, Sentiment Analysis and Summarization. Transformers are the current SOTA in NLP. We study and develop NLP models for web APIs.

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